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- Ethos -

Seeking Venus celebrates sensual femininity. We welcome the seekers; whether bold, inexperienced, kinky, queer, straight, curious or curiouser... delving deeper into sexuality, desire and imagination.

With an eye for erotic detail and skills in stimulation we provide a wonderland that ignites the senses. Our strength is in bringing people together, creating chemistry, and encouraging interaction. We also believe guests should encounter a fascinating evening whether they indulge in a more intimate connection or not; so the event engages across different levels, ensuring an electric experience, whatever happens.


- Code of Conduct -

Seeking Venus is run with passion, trust and respect. Our rules below are straightforward and designed for everyone’s protection – whether it’s your first time or you’re a regular in these waters, they are the basis for a code of conduct that we would hope comes naturally.


Our events revel in the strength, allure and mystery of the Goddess within.

As such, those presenting as female/femme may enter alone, male members or those identifying as non-female must be accompanied. Only by completing our application process may you be offered an invitation to attend. We don’t operate gendered pricing, same sex couples and all sexual orientations are welcome, as are throuples in any configuration. Photo ID is required from all guests on arrival, tickets are checked off against our guestlist and only names matching our list will be granted entry. Couples/throuples must arrive and leave together and be accountable for each other throughout – if one breaks our rules and is asked to leave, the other/s must also. Please note, tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.


What happens while we seek is not for others, of which, to speak.

Privacy and security are of the utmost importance, we understand peace of mind is essential to enjoy an uninhibited evening. Party locations are kept secret and ticket holders will only be informed of the venue just before the date. Guests should not divulge this information (even afterward), and never mention member’s names or details of anything happening at Seeking Venus in public forums. Cameras or other recording devices are not permitted, all mobile phones should be turned off and not used during the party. We have a professional photographer available to capture you in all your glory should you wish, but we can’t have anything more private going public.

Dress code

How our guests dress is integral to creating a remarkable space.

Revel in the otherworldly, the decadent, the strange and exotic; celebrate your creative self, dress to impress, and express your inner goddess! While we do not believe in a strictly defined policy, we ask all our guests make an effort to enter into the spirit of fantasy, fetish or fabulousness. We don't offer changing facilities so please arrive ready to embrace the evening! View our gallery for inspiration or feel free to contact us if in doubt.

Examples: Goddess, mythical, burlesque, latex, creatures, masks, gothic, lingerie, ballgowns, black tie.

Note, we will refuse entry if wearing regular street clothes such as denim, trainers, t-shirts etc.


Play Etiquette


Give it to others and expect it in return. Please don’t wait around play spaces chatting in groups or loiter watching by yourself - be aware of invading a moment between other seekers and potentially ruining someone else’s experience. If any guest is being a nuisance please let one of our Venusians or security know. Also, respect our beautiful venues and the furniture/props within, remember to clean up after yourselves if necessary.


Acquire it for anything you do. Always communicate your desires and ask questions, do this throughout play, not just at the start. Talking is best but when mouths aren’t available there are alternatives.


Discuss yours and your partner’s beforehand, and seek to ascertain the boundaries of others. Communicating what you’re comfortable with is as important as communicating consent. It’s ok to test the water and say ‘Maybe’, then change your boundaries in the moment. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, be vocal, don’t be afraid to say ‘No’, be polite but firm. Similarly, if you’re uncertain whether something is ok, ask.


Do not assume that, because someone looks fabulous, seems uninhibited, or is playing, that you are welcome to invade their space. Wait for an invitation either explicitly or by a positive response to you making minor contact. No means no. However, please be polite if you’re turning someone down, similarly, accept refusal gracefully.


Watch how much you consume. Don’t drink to a point that you are unable to enjoy the experience - if our monitors believe you’re unable to engage in safe consensual activity they will remove you from play spaces. If you’re offensive or severely intoxicated we will ask you to leave.

Safe sex and well being

Practised without prompting! Condoms go on toys and anything else you may put inside others. We will also have a well being representative among the monitors on hand, should you experience a problem or wish to discuss an issue.


We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave if they break etiquette, rules or offend other guests.


Remember – the mind is the greatest sexual organ, use it, relish others and enjoy...


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